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What Leaders learn from Communicating with Influence

Empower Leadership’s unique and interactive two and a half day Communicating with Influence programme provides leaders with a set of robust tools and techniques plus a powerful personal development plan to bring about real behavioral changes in their work environments.

From staff appraisals and negotiations to group presentations and customer pitches, Communicating with Influence guides leaders to achieve positive results using proven communication techniques.

leaders_icon.pngIn this course leaders will focus on:

  • Fundamental features of successful communication.
  • Awareness of the impact their communication is having on the receiver and learning to adapt accordingly.
  • Individual strengths and weaknesses as a communication partner.
  • Analysing and modifying individual communication styles to achieve the best results in common and challenging workplace situations.
  • Creating sustainable relationships through authentic communication.
  • Improving communication behaviours.
  • Learning the skills of constructive criticism.
  • Understanding personal verbal and non-verbal communication patterns and how to appropriately apply them.
  • Developing a sensitivity to disturbances in interactions and learning how to confidently deal with such moments.

benefits_icon.pngBenefits to Your Organisation:

  • Strong leaders will actively and consciously shape your company’s communication culture for optimal results.
  • Your leaders will communicate successfully and authentically with staff and customers.
  • This programme will bring about enhanced economic success by uncovering hidden potential in customer pitches, negotiations, discussions etc.
  • Employee morale will lift resulting in increased productivity.

Securing Your Organisation’s Future:

Numerous studies indicate high employee engagement levels equal better business outcomes- and that effective leadership communication is an essential catalyst in creating such engagement. Conversely if employees seem disengaged and organisational initiatives have stalled then it could well be your managers  are lacking critical communication skills thus hindering rather than helping business results.

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The information passed on to the attendees was done in such an engaging and energetic way.

The delivery has such outstanding clarity and the trainers are able to convey complex and profound content in a practical and memorable way.

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