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Managing Conflict in the Workplace

An essential competency within leadership is the ability to manage conflict effectively. Empowered Conflict Management training equips leaders with the skills and confidence to manage conflict situations in a constructive and empowering manner. 

From internal staff conflicts and bullying behaviour, to customer complaints and disagreements, Empowered Conflict Management shows leaders how to achieve positive results using proven conflict resolution techniques.

leaders_icon.pngIn this course leaders will focus on:

  • Effective methods of conflict resolution.
  • Understanding one’s own preferred style of resolving conflicts.
  • Identifying conflicts and potential conflicts before they arise.
  • Recognising the intensity of conflicts and finding appropriate intervention strategies.
  • Acting constructively in conflicts - learning how to  “fight fair”.
  • Finding meaningful ways for parties to collaborate so as to prevent escalation of conflicts.
  • Modifying attitudes and behaviour to most effectively deal with conflicts in different conflict stages.
  • Developing an ability to convert problems into growth opportunities.
  • Accepting conflict management as a necessary and inspiring part of our lives.

benefits_icon.pngBenefits to Your Organisation:

  • Reduced time, energy and money spent on resolving conflicts.
  • Increased staff morale and motivation.
  • Productive and amicable conflict resolution.
  • Decreased turnover, absenteeism and lateness.
  • Better communication and cooperation.
  • Decrease in staff and customer complaints.
  • Strengthened relationships.
  • Existing problems addressed from fresh perspectives.
  • Decreased error rates and increased productivity.

Securing Your Organisation’s Future:

Workplace conflicts are universal. There are very few work environments where all employees get along all of the time. Consequently conflict resolution becomes a necessary component of the workplace and those in leadership positions must be skilled in effective conflict resolution techniques.

When conflicts go unaddressed they almost always have a negative impact on productivity, effective teamwork and company culture. Utilising conflict resolution strategies in the workplace will help maintain a healthy work environment. Empowered Conflict Management training offers essential leadership skills, problem solving techniques and decision making tools required by leaders.

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