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The Challenge of Leadership.

If you ask managers what they find most difficult and challenging in their job the most common and honest reply is: "people"!  Success increasingly depends on the leader’s ability to encourage people to follow them -  not because they have to but because they want to.

Leaders focus on implementing this knowledge through purposeful behavioural change in their daily endeavours.

leaders_icon.pngIn this course leaders will focus on:

  • How to lead effectively and successfully.
  • Achieving greater acceptance of ideas and initiatives and thus generating insights into motivating and coaching others more effectively.
  • Energising others by becoming a vital agent of innovation and positive change.
  • Thriving as a leader and positively driving the future of their organisation.
  • Developing their personality and individual leadership style: self-image / public-image.
  • Analysis of strengths and hidden potentials as a leader.
  • Analysing and creating their individual leadership profile based on recognised strengths.
  • Being committed to standing for who they are as a leader and for where they want to be.
  • Sustainable improvement of their performance as a leader while simultaneously experiencing meaning and genuine work fulfilment.
  • Accessing personal resources and learning how to effectively implement this knowledge within their leadership role.
  • Gaining clarity of requirements and clearly conveying these requirements to colleagues, peers and superiors.

benefits_icon.pngBenefits to Your Organisation:

  • Enhanced leadership skills of executives and managers.
  • Creation of a diverse, performance-orientated culture.
  • Developing leaders who excel through high standards in personal and interpersonal skills.
  • Identifying leaders who continually reflect upon and develop their individual leadership style.
  • Establishing leaders who will be specifically encouraged to advance as a follow up to your insightful assessments.
  • High potentials will be encouraged at an early stage to refine and grow  their own leadership style.

Securing Your Organisation’s Future:

Leadership development is vital because organisations take on the personality of their leaders. Leadership training and development can maximize productivity, shape a positive culture and promote work-place harmony. To enable leaders and executives to lead much more purposefully – and much more effectively " Leadership Essentials" training is a requirement!

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The information passed on to the attendees was done in such an engaging and energetic way.

The delivery has such outstanding clarity and the trainers are able to convey complex and profound content in a practical and memorable way.

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