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Why leaders reach the point of "burn-out"

Many executives find the following to be true: Their work life has taken over their private life. Some may feel trapped, some may feel fragmented, and some may feel pulled in too many different directions.

As a result leaders in high positions are prone to become stressed-out and overworked. They don't know how to balance their lives anymore. They want to get back on track and achieve greater professional success but they are stuck. Often they try to work even harder to get out of this dilemma. But that normally doesn't help their situation.

Career burnout can also spill over into their personal life negatively impacting their wellbeing and relationships with friends and family.

Many executives find it difficult to talk about stressful workplace challenges within their organisation. Clearly adequate support systems are required.

leaders_icon.pngIn this course Leaders will focus on:

  • Ways to enhance personal and professional success.
  • Stress and burn-out prevention strategies.
  • Defining their current standpoint in their private and professional lives.
  • Reflecting on goals they have set and which haven’t been achieved in the past.
  • Setting short-term, mid-term and long-term goals (professional and personal life).
  • Creating plans and implementing action strategies to successfully reach desired goals and outcomes.
  • Organisation of everyday work along with other commitments to ensure they remain long-term 'performance-capable'.
  • Seeking support for a self-experience focused learning process and the transfer of those experiences into empowered leadership competencies.

benefits_icon.pngBenefits to Your Organisation:

  • Higher quality work emerges with stronger results.
  • Employees want to succeed more in their efforts.
  • Increase  in employees' desire to identify with corporate objectives.
  • Leaders become more efficient thus achieving more in less time.
  • Leaders are more fulfilled and balanced, increasing leadership competency.
  • Leaders feel supported by and connected to their organisation.

Securing Your Organisation’s Future:

The consequences of burnout can be severe. Productivity can drop dramatically; and this not only impacts on the affected leader’s career but it also negatively impacts their team and the wider organisation.

Creativity and motivation can also be affected meaning leaders experiencing burnout are less likely to spot opportunities and hence lack the impetus to act.  Executives experiencing burnout may find excuses to miss work or take days off sick.

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The information passed on to the attendees was done in such an engaging and energetic way.

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